Bolero F1

Bolero is a proven variety year in and year out as a versatile nantes suited for organic/conventional bunching, slicing, and baby nantes markets.



Carrot Nantes Main-Overwinter


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HR : Powdery mildew (Eh), Late leaf blight (Ad)

IR : Cavity spot (P)

Cycle: Summer, fall and overwinter

Harvest: Fresh, storage, and processing

Color: Orange



  • - Excellent speed of emergence, good behavior in stressful conditions.
  • - Healthy leaves good attachment, good aptitude to harvest by top lifting.


  • - Cylindrical shape, well-rounded tips at maturity.
  • - Uniform size and shape.
  • - Average size: length: 8” (20 cm), diameter: 1.75” – 2”
  • - Good taste (sweet)
  • - Good holding in soil, keep its shape and quality after maturity.


HR : Powdery mildew (Eh), Late leaf blight (Ad)

IR : Cavity spot (P)


Vilmorin is a brand of the Business Unit Vilmorin-Mikado. The genetic resistances are not dispensed from prophylactic measures to be used as an addition. Our recommendations, suggestions, growing cycles and maturity information are only indicative and based on our own observations and our general experience. They are not contractual and they do not necessarily imply a successful harvest and/or result. The success of the cultivation also depends on factors non-related with the seed.